Legal statement

General information

The web site (hereinafter referred to as “Web Site”) is being operated by Real Management Kft. (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”).
Access to the Web Site and use of its content and services implies full and unreserved adherence to the terms of utilisation and data protection (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service”) set forth below.
1. Property rights

This Web Site, as well as the technical, graphical, software-related and other solutions, texts, illustrated images, data, information and other material as well as their arrangement are legally protected by copyright and may only be utilised after permission by the Owner.
To the extent that this Web Site contains links to outside websites, the user acknowledges and accepts that the terms of service published on the given sites are governing.
Users are not authorised to use, copy, transmit, distribute, modify, alter or store contents of the Web Site, be this partially or totally, without the express written consent of the Operator.

2. Rights reserved

Any trademarks such as brand names, logotypes etc. used on the Web Site are property of Real Management Kft. Exclusive right for utilisation of the trademarks is limited to the specific owner of the trademark.

3. Web site content

All information to be found on the Web Site has been placed in good faith and appears for merely informative purposes and it should not be trusted as other than such. The Operator neither states nor guarantees that the information is exact, complete or up to date. The Operator generally excludes any kind of guarantee claims against him for damages of material or theoretical value arising from utilisation or not-utilisation of, or from utilisation of wrong or incomplete information contained in the Web Site, in case the Operator cannot be accused in proven for failure.

Furthermore, the content does not present offers of contract.
The Operator reserves the right to modify, complete or delete the Web Site partially or totally or to discontinue or de-activate the appearance temporarily or finally at any time and without prior notice.The Operator grants no guarantee for the access to the Web Sites to be continuous or faultless. The Operator explicitly declines liability for damages and/or losses due to access and/or direct or indirect utilisation of the Web Site or information, documents or other written material to be found on the Web Site, to the condition of the Web Site being improper for use, inappropriate functioning, deficiencies, eventual operational disturbances or ambiguity of the Web Site.

The Operator grants no guarantee for the services of the Web Sites to function continuously or faultlessly. The Operator grants no guarantee for damages, losses and costs appearing in context with the Web Site, the use or missing applicability of the Web Site, the inappropriate functioning or defect of the Web Site, computer viruses, connection or system errors or other similar reasons.
The Operator stresses that particular parts of the Web Site are based on contents and information provided by third parties.

4. Content and services outside the web site

The Web Site may place at the disposal of users technical mechanisms for links, directories and search engines, which allow them to access web pages belonging to or managed by third parties.
The Real Management Web Site merely grants access to such outside web sites. The user acknowledges and accepts that the Operator shall not be held responsible for the contents and the services that they may access in said pages, nor for any products commercialised in same.

5. Terms of utilisation

The user of the Web Site acknowledges and accepts that he or she shall make use of the Web Site and the content incorporated therein for strictly personal and private purposes, that is he or she is entitled to access and save to the hard drive of his computer or print out specific parts of the Web Site. Use for private purposes is not restricted to any counter value, but direct or indirect obtaining or increase of income is strictly forbidden.
The user is explicitly not entitled to multiply, reuse, distribute, copy by ways and means whatsoever or take over content, save to his database or enable download of content, state content as own or place content on the market, neither against nor without payment.

The Owner strives to continuously update the information on the Web Site. However, he does not undertake responsibility for the completeness, correctness, eventual modifications or authenticity of the information.

The parties’ permission or approval is not necessary for taking and publication of the photos/ videos on the Web Site, as these depict recordings made at public appearance.

6. Legal consequences

In case of breach of the provisions of this Legal advice, the Owner will immediately take the necessary legal steps, be that by civil or penal law or any other means.

In issues not ruled by this Legal advice, the respective effective legal provisions are to be applied.

7. Modification of the Legal advice

The Owner reserves his right to modify this Legal advice within his own sphere of competence, but will in any case inform the User about such on the given section of the Web Site.